Progressive permanent hair removal for ALL hair types.

  • Each individual hair is treated for successful removal
  • Broken capillaries are treatable with the help of cauterisation electrolysis
  • Can be used in conjunction with laser treatments
  • Treatment times start at a minimum of 5mins, maximum 1hr
  • All areas of the body can be treated for hair removal by electrolysis
  • Electrolysis is safe to perform with other treatments
  • Successful treatment is achieved for all hair types - blonde, dark, coarse or fine hair

Electrolysis is a progressive permanent hair removal treatment. This means that each hair needs to be treated individually with an electrical current, generally more than once, to achieve permanant hair removal results .

Generally speaking, most clients have tried some other forms of hair removal before they seek an electrologist. This treatment can be used to remove persistent, sporadic and stubborn single hairs that may be caused due to hormonal changes or help assist in the final stages of laser hair removal for the fine, velous hair that the laser can no longer target or treat.

Electrolysis is a safe treatment for most people including clients that may have pace makers or metal implants.

Women who are pregnant can also use this treatment but is advised to do so after the first trimester.

Electrolysis is a quick and easy method of hair removal for smaller areas. If you are not sure if your eligible for treatment or want an appointment please contact our therapists for a consultation appointment to receive a treatment plan specifically for you.

Electrolysis prices start from $30.00 for a minimum of 5 minutes.

IPL - RF Laser treatment  (Torrens salon only) prices start from $69