THE most relaxing pain free waxing you'll ever experience

  • Virtually pain free
  • We're highly trained professionals (don't try this at home)
  • Fast and effective treatment
  • We only use natural ingredients
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Used on all areas of the body
  • Great for cyclists, body builders and athletes

Waxing is an essential hair removal treatment that has been used for thousands of years.

Originally wax formulations were quite simple, they would consist of bees wax and other organic material to create the correct texture and flexibility. Today in salons the wax formulations can vary accordingly and may be full of harmful chemicals and irritating properties.

Our wax is organic consisting of fewer ingredients including bees wax, aloe vera, chamomile and azulen. These organic properties help with sensitivity and give the wax strength to be able to remove stubborn hair without the use of cotton strips.

The herbal wax allows the hair to be removed easily from the root, thus preventing snappage which in turn reduces the risk of ingrown hair and also results in the reduction of regrowth.

Prices start from as little as $15.00 for a lip wax to $180 for a full body wax.